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The Very Real, Very Sad Story Of How Willie Colon Was Recently Robbed By Those Closest To Him

This conversation came on the heels of a conversation we were having about Mark Cuban's interview on KFC radio. I asked Willie what it was like when he first realized he was rich and here's what he had to say:

Which was interesting, but what's even more interesting was the story that followed...Willie was robbed. Not back in the day by a hooker in Vegas (although that did happen), by someone close him within the past year. Once I saw that he was open to talk about it, I basically interviewed him for 20 straight minutes trying to get as much information as possible. To his credit, he didn't hold back. Here are the best six minutes to give you an idea of what happened, how he found out, and how he approached the person who did it...

You hear a lot about how athletes get fucked over with their money, but you never hear it straight from the horses mouth. I guess the moral of the story is be careful who trust. Not just with your money but with everything. Have a great Friday.