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Pumpkin Spice Oreos Are Here And White Girls Everywhere Are Soaking Wet

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FB - We all knew they were inevitable, but we are a bit surprised they took so long. Immediately following squashed rumors of a new pumpkin spice-flavored condom from Durex, Oreo has officially unveiled some very real packages of Pumpkin Spice-flavored sandwich cookies. Like most special Oreo flavors, these guys come on the brand’s golden vanilla cookies, this time filled with a deep orange, actually kind of pretty-looking, pumpkin spice creme. According to TIME, the treats taste “like fall,” “like a Yankee Candle,” or like “chai lattes” — or pretty much exactly like other pumpkin spice flavored thing out there. At some point you gotta wonder whether pumpkin fans even eat anything else during fall, or if it’s just cinnamon and nutmeg breath all the time. In any case, whee, here’s another pumpkin thing, available starting September 24.


Live look in at basic bitches everywhere:



It was only a matter of time before Oreo decided they wanted to make an extra billion dollars and made a pumpkin spice cookie. Props to them. They know how this country works: If it has the words pumpkin spice in it, basic bitches will buy it. And for good reason- pumpkin flavored things for the most part are delicious. I’m not the kind of person to poo-poo something because it’s popular or stereotyped a certain way. If I like something, I’ll own up to it and say I like it. So let’s all get in the trust tree and admit it: Pumpkin is a delicious flavor. If you think that makes me basic, so be it. And most importantly, pumpkin beers are phenomenal. If you’re new to the pumpkin beer game do yourself a favor and steer clear of the big brewery versions, and instead buy the more pricey but 100x more delicious micro brewery pumpkin ales. I will be trying these cookies, and I expect great things from them.