So What Facial Hair Style Are We Going To Force White Sox Dave To Sport For A Week?

So...what we thinking?  After tonight WSD will be forced to shave in any way that we choose and keep it tight in that fashion for a full week. The Phillips Norelco One Blade can do it all so, by all means, fire away.  Neckbeard only?  Mega porn stash? Leave everything but the Sasquatch hair that for some reason grows directly up to his eyeballs?  All inquiries that’ll get him banned from going 100 ft within schools are welcome.  The tournament will be taking place next Tuesday so there will be a week full of growth, which is nice.  And yes, unlike wagers that involve Battletoads and/or longest blogs in Barstool history, one of us will be using the One Blade to sacrifice our looks for the week.  Why?  Cause WSD and I are men of honor.  It will be done.  

But as for Dave, he still needs to be disciplined.  Hard.  

One day he will be a good boy.  One day ROTC Dave will finally be housebroken.  Until then...

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