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Adam Gase's Answer On If Le'Veon Bell Was Used Incorrectly Is Infuriating For Jets Fans

The Le'Veon Bell era came to an end last night for the New York Jets. The RB did absolutely nothing for the Jets, eclipsing 100 yards rushing in a game a total of zero times in New York.

What was the issue? Was it Bell? Because according to Adam Gase it's not his fault:

As a Jets, Mets, Knicks fan, I haven't experienced a lot of "joy" from the sports teams I have cheered for. At this moment, the team I have the least hope for? The Jets. The fact the Jets have blown up their entire franchise but kept Gase throughout this? How!!!

The Jets gave Bell a massive amount of money. He is a talented football player. They failed in using him. When you fail you must look back and see what you need to fix to make sure it doesn't happen again. Maybe Gase is doing that behind closed doors? But I doubt it.

I'm kind of the anti-KFC in my fandom for the Jets/Mets. Probably due to the difference in age I'm more optimistic about them. For the Jets, I want to be optimistic about oe Douglas, the future 1st round picks, and potentially getting Trevor Lawrence, but I have an odd feeling the Jets fall to #6 in the draft, and get the worst QB instead of getting Trevor at #1.