How Bad of a Reporter Do You Have to Be to Ask if a Team Can Take Anything Positive From a 2-0 Lead In The NLCS?

A reporter asking Walker Buehler about his tight pants lasted less than 24 hours as the worst postgame question of the 2020 NLCS. The Braves won Game 2 of the series 8-7 after flirting with danger in the 9th inning, allowing four runs and leaving the tying run stranded on third base. But a win is a win.

In the postgame press conference, reporter Dave O'Brien asked Braves closer Mark Melancon one of the more mind-boggling questions I've ever heard.

"Mark, can you look at this as, yeah you almost blew the entire lead, but can you look at it as, 'Hey, we survived and that's all the Postseason is about?'" O'Brien said. "Can you take a positive even though you blew most of that lead?"

And I can almost even see what he was going for there — almost. But yeah, Dave, I think the guys will be able to find a silver lining or two in having a 2-0 lead in the Braves' first NLCS appearance since 2001. Not a bad place to be.

And I absolutely love Melancon's response. "We didn't blow a lead." Go get him, Mark. While that 9th inning was certainly not ideal, that's why you score eight runs. I think everybody knows a team as good as the Dodgers is never out of a game with the firepower they have offensively.

And then Melancon finished his response by saying, "I think that's a terrible question. I'm not even going to answer it."

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So yes, being up 2-0 in a seven-game series is a confirmed positive. We're batting 1.000 so far in ridiculously dumb questions asked in the postgame pressers in this series, so stay tuned to see how these get topped after Game 3.