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Mo Speights Is The Last Person Who Should Be Talking Shit On Twitter About LeBron Winning A Championship

Listen, it's pretty clear I'm all for making fun of LeBron, ESPECIALLY when it comes to social media. Nobody is worse at social media than LeBron. But here's the thing. Mo Speights is the last fucking person that can make fun of LeBron and using a three-peat picture. First off, LeBron is the reason the Warriors don't have a 3-peat. Remember this play? Pretty significant. 

But don't worry, he's not actually talking shit about LeBron (wink, wink)

Or imagine thinking Jordan would be BIGGER if he played now

This is the problem with the LeBron argument. The 4-6 in the NBA Finals. The dude has made the Finals 9 out of 10 years. That's insane. I don't care how you view it, getting there 90% of the time isn't a way to make fun of someone. The fact people actually think LeBron losing in the Eastern Conference Finals would somehow be better than losing in the NBA Finals are people that need to be put on a watchlist. It's insane that people actually think that. 

Now let's watch Mo Speights throw it down