Three Days After Dan Mullen Said He Wants The Swamp Full With Fans This Weekend, Florida Suspends Football Activities After Reported COVID Outbreak

One of the headlines from this past weekend in college football was the seemingly packed stadium at Texas A&M. Dan Mullen after the game commented on it:

“The crowd was certainly a factor in the game,” Mullen said of Texas A&M’s fans. “I know our governor passed that rule so certainly, hopefully the UF administration decides to let us pack the Swamp against LSU — 100% — because that crowd was certainly a factor in the game. I certainly hope our administration follows the governor. The governor has passed a rule that we’re allowed to pack the Swamp and have 90,000 in the Swamp to give us the home-field advantage Texas A&M had today."

Mullen wanting 100% of The Swamp full comes after Governor Ron DeSantis gave way for football stadiums to be full within Florida. University of Florida's administration denied what Mullen requested:

This may have been a big brain move by Dan Mullen to distract the masses from his terrible defense:

Three days after this whole storyline, it comes out that Florida has 5 positive cases on their team:

No word yet on how this affects Saturday's game against LSU. Not even sure if these are players, coaches, etc. Hopefully, those 5 cases don't spread throughout the locker room as they have at FAU and Baylor: