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Shout Out To MLB Umpire John Tumpane For Literally Calling A Perfect Game Last Night


Kind of an insane thing that is flying under the radar from last night's Rays - Astros Game 1 of the ALCS. According to, home plate umpire John Tumpane called the first perfect game since the website has been tracking umpires. He was a perfect 135/135 on the night. A perfect 45/45 on strikes, and 90/90 on balls.

This article breaks it down a bit more, but this is so damn impressive. We only give umpires shit when they're throwing out Mike Rizzo from 190 feet away, or when they decide that the people in the stands paid to see them and get power hungry. So we gotta give the guys a little credit when they do it right. Being on the the big stage and still nailing every call must be great. Walking off the field like "fuck yeah, nailed that" like an Olympic gymnast after a perfect vault.

Also kind of funny exchange here from earlier last night, known umpire hater, Josh Donaldson had this to say about Tumpane.

IDK Josh, he seemed to have a decent idea of the zone last night. Claps for you, blue.