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LeBron James Bought His 6 Year Old Daughter A Playhouse Bigger Than My NYC Apartment And I Bet She's Not Paying $2,500 A Month For It


I'm not a hater at all. I think this is awesome. Building your daughter a mini-house on your back lawn is as big of a flex as it gets. It's like a treehouse for the rich, which is pretty cool. I didn't have a treehouse growing up. I always wanted one, and to be fair, I don't blame my parents for not building me one because it's very impractical to build a fucking house in a tree. Tree houses are one of those things you always see in tv shows but never in real life. I did have a friend with one though and basically it was cool until you realized you could sit inside in the AC and watch TV instead of in a fucking tree.

My friends and I did have a fort in the woods at one point too. Built it out of sticks and twigs and it was pretty sweet until we all got poison ivy and decided to stop going to the fort.

So no, there's nothing to hate about LBJ buying his 6 year old daughter a mini house for her to hang out in. Besides the rent situation. I live in an apartment in New York City. It's a 1 bedroom, not to brag. That's right, there is a wall between the bedroom and the rest of the apartment. If they didn't build that wall, it'd be a studio. But since they build that wall they can charge an extra $500 for the apartment, pretty brilliant, right? And for this apartment I pay $2,500 a month. I think I'm actually supposed to pay more but I never changed my direct deposit on the website when rent went up, and I'm not about to do it when the apartment downstairs just got rented for $600 less per month than the original asking price. But I digress. Am I jealous Zhuri at 6 years old has a bigger house than me? Absolutely, 100%. And she doesn't have to climb 4 flights of stairs to get into it either. Just saunters on back to the yard and if she gets bored, has a hotel-sized mansion she can get lost in. If I get bored I can wander the streets of New York hoping not to see a homeless man pooping between cars. 

So I imagine it's actually pretty cool being one of LeBron's kids. You smoke great weed and get your own mini-house. Meanwhile I take enough CBD to put down a horse and call my fire escape my balcony when explaining my apartment to my parents. Same thing.