In News That Should Shock No One, The Jets Are Reportedly Looking To Trade Le'Veon Bell Sooner Than Later

Nooooooo shit. 

I can't believe it's taken this long. Bell's career with the Jets since joining them last season has been in a word, disappointing. But that should come as a surprise to no one because they are after all, the Jets. 

*Putting my Cowherd hat on here*

Le'Veon Bell is the college frat boy who makes a scene with his happy and healthy relationship because he wants to chase other girls and decides to break up that happy and healthy relationship only to find himself striking out with the girls he thought he'd get and missing his old happy and healthy relationship. 

For those of you who might not have followed that expert analogy, the happy and healthy relationship that works is him with the Steelers while him striking out at the bar three weekends in a row is the Jets. 

And no, Steelers fans, he will not be returning to Pittsburgh. 

This is pretty par for the course (sports site) when it comes to players who are successful in Pitt leaving PIttsburgh. Mike Wallace. Flopped everywhere after he left Pitt. Antonio Brown obviously. Antwaan Randle El flopped in Washington and came back to Pittsburgh. Emmanuel Sanders wasn't a star until after he already left. Le'Veon Bell now.

It's a shame to think what could have been for Bell in Pittsburgh if he would have just accepted the fair deal they offered him. Now he's a forgotten gem that is looking for another new home.