In A Twist Of Irony, Cowboy Fans Are Now Hoping The Giants Never Fire Jason Garrett

The other day I received a curious number of DMs all with the same meme. 


I thought I would take the time to address the insulting nature of this notion. 

Jason Garrett was the head coach for the Cowboys for over a decade. Largely during that time, as so many Cowboys haters like to remind me, this team accomplished almost zero. 

Worst of all? Under his leadership Dallas became a joke, particularly to their rivals in the NFC East. 

Looking back, there were many many reasons why. 

During that ENTIRE decade, Garrett would have a plan, and stubbornly stick to that plan regardless of whether that said plan was actually working. A lot of times, it wasn’t.  I like to call it the “let’s bang our head against the wall for 4 quarters” plan. This was especially the case when Garrett and former OC Scott Linehan were in charge of running the offense. It was a fucking disaster. 


Well, if all Cowboys fans at home knew what the offense was going to do in every down and distance situation, what do you think opposing defenses, who closely studied tendencies, thought? 

Bingo. They had our number. At one point Dak led the league in getting sacked. 

You may say… Well 2019, The Cowboys had the #1 offense in the NFL. I hate to break it for you Giants fans, but Kellen Moore, not Garrett was the one calling plays in-game. When it was Garrett? 22nd ranked offense in the NFL. 

Let’s move on to the things he was responsible for as HC of the Cowboys. Clock management. For 10 years, he repeatedly fucked up handling the clock, not using timeouts, not calling for the ball to be spiked, giving Aaron Rodgers WAY too much time to go down the field and win the NFC championship game… the list goes on and on. Puzzling decision after puzzling decision that led to losses that should have been wins. 

Another frustrating part about Garrett's coaching was his lack of willingness to not only adapt in-game but to adjust to how the game of football was being played in general. He didn’t believe in analytics. He had a beast of a RB in Zeke and when it was 4th and 1, he rarely went for it no matter where the team was on the field. 

It was gross. And when things went down the tube... he just kept clapping. 

I mean, we can’t really be saying Cowboys fans are missing Jason Garrett can we? In some ways a lot of the complaints that Dallas fans have about Jason Garrett are IDENTICAL to the complaints that Green Bay had about Mike McCarthy. And this is why when his hiring was announced, I was more than a little skeptical. 

Has McCarthy adapted? He said a lot of the right things but we’re seeing now that maybe he’s not the best guy to create the right team of coordinators to win right now. Mike Nolan has been garbage and let’s be real, it was a comfort hire. I get it. But now, his hiring and the changing of the scheme is the #1  reason this team is 2-3 instead of 4-1. 

So yeah, while I have big-time issues with Mikey Mac… I am in no way missing Jason Garrett. Ask Giants fans how they’re feeling about the Clapper running their offense, you know the offense that didn’t score a single touchdown in 4 weeks of play. That is the same offense he ran in Dallas for ten years. Joe Judge even said as much when he hired Garrett over the offseason. 

"Schematically , the easiest way to describe it right now to the outside world is it's going to be similarly based off of what [Jason Garrett] has done in Dallas over the last 10 or so years." 


This isn’t to say Garrett is a bad guy. Anyone who saw him run across the field to comfort Dak after his horrific injury knows that he’s a good person.  

But as a football mind? As a Dallas fan, I’m happy he’s in New York. 

Which is ironic, because Giants fans for YEARS joked about how happy they were that Jerry refused to fire him in Dallas for so long. 

Now it’s our turn to watch as the Giants offense sputters and dies on the field game after game, and (hopefully) year after year.