LeBron Tried To Deny That His "Respect" Quote Was About Michael Jordan

In the event you haven't had enough Lakers content shoved down your throat, we have to tough it out with this post title interview with LeBron and AD. To be honest, the only thing I really cared about was how LeBron was going to respond to the question about Jordan. You knew it was coming. Shoutout for Rachel Nichols for pressing him on it because let's face it, his initial response was bullshit. You can't go on stage after snagging your Finals MVP and say this 

and then play it off like the GOAT debate is no big deal to you and not for you to talk about. That it's for everyone else to debate and you weren't even referencing MJ. Come on LeBron! Just say it! Don't drop hints and then run away from the topic when asked about it. That is so weak. Jordan would never. You know what he would say? He would say he's the best. That he's the GOAT. 

I get why he has to give the politically correct answer, so then don't say anything in the first place. There is not a thing LeBron could have been talking about on that stage other than the "disrespect" he gets when people say Jordan is better than him and the true GOAT. As a basketball player it's physically impossible to be more respected than LeBron is, outside of that ranking.

This is why people get on LeBron I feel like. Because he can't just own stuff like this even though it was blatantly obvious what he was initially talking about. You just won your fourth ring, another Finals MVP and had another all time Finals series. It's OK to be cocky in this instance and tell the truth. Because when you don't and you try and play it off like the Jordan comparison means nothing to you, everyone can see right through it. 

We'll probably never get LeBron's true feelings on the MJ comparison, at least while he's still an active player, and that's too bad. I would love to know what he truly thinks