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Eagles Lose But Travis Fulgram May Indeed Be The Greatest WR Of All-Time

Surprise, surprise, surprise.  Look, where the Eagles supposed to win?  Hell no.  In fact they put up a half decent fight and there were huge signs of promise.  They played tough as a team, Wentz didn't look bad at all and at some times, in fact...good?  But Travis Fulgram where have you been all our lives???

10 catches, 152 yards, 1 TD.  

Amazing to think if there weren't so many injuries at the Eagles WR position Travis Fulgram would've probably been cut off the practice squad...and like clockwork slay for another NFL team.   More stats this game than JJAW in 2 years.  How the hell is talent being evaluated???

That defense though.  Nate Gerry is useless.  That secondary looks lost.  And maybe, just maybe be 20 yards within Chase Claypool on the game deciding drive.  Just a thought.  Only had 3 TD's up till that point.

But still, the NFC East is such a joke this game actually made me feel not too shabby.  Now let's chalk up a L to the Ravens next week and squeak out 6 wins and take down this division at 6-9-1.