Taking You Into The NBA Finals With Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago

If I had to describe the NBA Finals up until this point, I'm not sure there is a better comparison than this fight. The underdog Heat going up against the big bad Lakers. LeBron James looking like he is in no way human, much like Drago. The way this fight started it looked like Rocky might get killed, that they should stop the fight. Sort of like Game 1. But Rocky, like the Heat, never quit. They eventually cut the Lakers and proved that they were not a machine but were in fact human. Then, as the fight/series went along, Rocky/the Heat kept getting their faces punched in. Jimmy Butler kept asking for more. Begging for the Lakers to give him their best shot. He kept punching back. We all assumed the Heat would fold under this type of beatdown but they kept coming back time and time again. They are proving to be as strong as iron. 

Now, will it end the same way Rocky IV did with the upset of all upsets? Time will tell. But if Rocky can do it, why can't Jimmy Butler?


Rocky IV is easily one of my most favorite movie soundtracks ever made. Find a song that doesn't bang. You can't.