Wild Love Triangle Story In Westchester Featuring An Orthodontist, An Attempted Murder, And A Fake Good Samaritan

Humans are imperfect creatures.

We have many flaws and do crazy things.

We, also, love hearing about those insane stories and boy do we have one out of Westchester.

Back in July, a New Rochelle woman was stabbed in a suburban neighborhood:

SOURCE-“Upon arrival, officers located a 30-year-old female victim with a deep puncture wound to the left side of her neck,” New Rochelle Capt. Cosmo Costa said in a press release. 

Let's talk about Cosmo Costa quickly. What a name for a police captain. You don't wanna fuck with Cosmo Costa.

The woman who was stabbed? She ended up being helped out by the woman who stabbed her. Talk about a wild spin zone.

“Also located at the scene was Alika Crew aged 41 of this city who was rendering medical aid to the victim and claimed to be a Good Samaritan.”

Turns out Alika and the victim had a massive connection. The victim is dating the man that Alika was once engaged to. 

“The victim advised officers that the female rendering aid was in fact her assailant and that she had been stabbed,” the release said. “It was also determined that the suspect’s ex-fiancée is the current boyfriend of the victim.”

What a move. Stab the girl and then help her. That's some absolute psychotic decision making. Maybe this guy is into crazy girls OR he just has the greatest dick game in the world.

Alika was indicted this week:

SOURCE-A Connecticut orthodontist has been indicted on attempted murder charges in the love-triangle stabbing of her ex-fiancee’s new girlfriend, the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office said.

Wonder how the guy feels about this. I'd take it as a compliment to be honest.