The People Of Reddit Are Answering The Question "What Did The 'Weird Kid' In Your School Do That You'll Never Forget?"

1. Ran around the hallways making pterodactyl noises

This is the top response. Is this exceptionally common? I've literally never heard about this in my life. I'm not even sure we had a particularly memorable weird kid, I think there was a kid who wore necklaces and ran Naruto style (even though I'm pretty sure that wasn't a thing at the time so I guess he just had bad running form). But I do love how we all had shared experiences as kids, like everyone knew about playing games in the back of the car with invisible people jumping from tree to tree, or how we all knew about Marilyn Manson, but I've just never heard of this one.

2. Filled mason jars of his own blood and hid them

Honestly I thought this was the craziest thing I've ever heard until I got to the last line and then I was just like, "you know what? He's got a point." Better to have a bunch of your own blood, a blood bucket if you will, "just in case." 

3. Dressed like the Queen of England all through elementary and middle school

The first part of this is BY FAR the weirder situation. Plenty of people try to hook up with everyone and endlessly discuss their (likely fake) sexual prowess, but the queen walking down the hallway is gonna turn heads. I often wonder how I'd handle a situation like this, one where one of my kids wanted to dress like a crazy person every day. I think you gotta give them a little creative freedom but once you get to middle school it's time to start dressing like a regular human. Can't have you in Spanish class looking like you're prepared for a knighting.

4. Got fully naked to pee at the urinal

This is heavily dependent on age to see just how weird it is. Like yes it was bizarre, but I feel like every school had one of these kids so it can't be THAT weird. I can't remember when the kid who did it in our elementary school stopped, but I feel like he was doing it well into second grade. 

5. Robbed a gas station dressed as a ninja

That's not a weird kid that's just a criminal. 

6. Could vomit on demand

Probably faked it.

7. Cut his own hair in class

I was gonna say "BURIED THE LEDE HERE" but I'm not sure they did. There are reasons to set fire to your house. Maybe your mom was making you do chores or demanded you get off AOL so she could call your aunt, but there's not reason to cut your hair in class. That's inexplicable and a definite weird kid move, the other thing is just an arsonist move.

8. Ate styrofoam 

I'm defending more weird kid moves than I'd like to be, but come on, how weird is this? Again it's age dependent but when I was in like kindergarten to third grade I wanted to know what everything tasted like. Walls, glue, crayons, silly putty, pencils, paper, fucking anything. I never got to styrofoam but as I sit here now I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thinking, "Hm, wonder what that tastes like." That's why we were the ass eating generation, we had a million things to put in our mouth and now we're addicted to it.

9. Decided she wanted to get pregnant and asked people to cum in a ziplock bag

I never had girls in my high school that wanted to get pregnant but I know this is a common thing too. A weird phenomenon. Wasn't it Gloucester or somewhere like that where the girls all had a pregnancy pact? It's not the craziest thing in the world, Nate Bargatze has a great joke where he says everyone hates high school anyway, might as well have a kid while you're there then the child rearing is done at a young age. 

I'm also curious to know what she looked like. If she was deemed a "weird" girl then I have a good guess, but if she was hot then a girl asking you to jizz in a ziplock bag is just a hot freak. A mildly attractive woman could absolutely end up with my baby if she just came up to me on the street and asked me to do that.

10. Ate a sheep eye

This is it. This is the one. Yes there was someone at school who always ate weird shit but those kids were the biggest lunatics. The ones that would cause themselves physical harm for like a water. We had kids who would mash up chicken patties and mashed potatoes and chocolate milk just to get a laugh. We had kids who would put Icy Hot on their balls or eat Exlax just for fun. Sure the arsons and the blood-letting are all weird moves, but those are psychological issues I imagine. This shit is just a fucking weirdo needing attention.