Bethenny Frankel Delivers a Genius Business Model to Pardon My Take

To send you into the weekend, we have a twofer for the people on Pardon My Take. Recurring guest Warren Sharp hopped on the show to give us his thoughts at the first quarter mark of the season, and then Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter showed their range with a new guest in Bethenny Frankel. The entrepreneur, businesswoman, and former Real Housewives star joined the show to discuss business, reality television, being a boss, and much more. There was a point during the interview where Frankel was describing her trips on the show, which led to a crazy idea she had in mind:

Bethenny Frankel: The trips are designed to put you in a pressure cabin together with everybody to work through and bring up every issue. And it's sort of like a drawing room comedy where you'll cut to one room and see these two people talking about that. And then one person will come out and tell everybody in the group situation with that person happens, and then a little fights that starts. And so it's like little mini forest fires that, with any luck from production, begin a big giant one big fire for the finale of what this thing is. And then for the last night, they would hope to contain the fire and then they'll still be like remnants of the fire when everybody gets home. You could be going to Morocco, Des Moines, or Newark, New Jersey, and it doesn't matter to me.

Bethenny Frankel: Certain people on the show that are losers get excited at these vacations to these foreign places, when it doesn't matter where you are, because it's going to be the most disgusting experience of arguments and toxicity that it wouldn't matter to me. I'd almost rather not be somewhere nice because I don't want to experience Bali in this way, where it's all about conflict and craziness, and you don't even take a call from, like your spouse or your boyfriend, you're in the zone. That's your Super Bowl. You're not taking side phone calls, you're just making moves, running plays, it's kill or be killed. And that's why they design it, it's always before we go on a trip, "I want to invite you all, I think we should all relax, I don't want any drama." Then, there's no drama and the producers are burning the show to the ground. 

Mr. Cat: That's a great answer, I love it. I love the behind the scenes reality show, it's just so funny how the trip always just gets insane. 

Mr. Commenter: I also just love the term "pressure cabin." I think that's what we should call our studio, "The Cash App Pressure Cabin." That sounds awesome.

Bethenny Frankel: Oh, right! You guys should film a bunch of you bros that are animals, I don't know if you have girlfriends or wives, but like, the way you really act when you're eating beer, I mean eating wings, and being gross, and put yourself in a pressure cooker. There will be some fights, if it were a certain amount of days. If it were like three or four days and a bunch of sports things going on, and maybe bets going, something will happen.

Mr. Cat: You described our business, our entire business model. We literally do that all the time. 

Mr. Commenter: I don't eat as much beer as I used to, actually, I'm going to try doing that. I'm going to try freezing beer.

Mr. Cat: Bethenny is so smart as a businesswoman, she invented Barstool Sports just now without realizing it.

GENIUS! Bethenny Frankel's trips on her shows are literally the non-sports versions of our Electric Chairs. If you put a group of people in a room with a bunch of rolling cameras, there is no doubt that something crazy is going to happen. This was an awesome interview with a discussion on a variety of topics.