If Bob Huggins Doesn't Show Up Looking Like This For The First Game Of The Year, This Season Is Null And Void

Goddamn Bob, that's the coolest looking guy in the world. I just moved West Virginia to No. 2 in my preseason rankings strictly on his backyard and beard combo alone. Look at that patio! It's perfect. All the wood, the beer fridge, what appears to be a pizza grill in the back. Can't beat it. 

But the real story here is how Huggins beat the system when it came to weight loss. He's looking svelte and he let all of us in on the secret (h/t 247)

“How I did it is I lied. I don’t know where it came from. Somebody took a picture of me and said I lost 40 to 50 pounds. I didn’t lose 40 to 50 pounds. I’ve lost double digits, but it’s not 40 or 50. It’s not even close to 40 or 50. But you know what? When people want to spread rumors, let it go.

Absolutely genius. Lose enough weight that people notice, don't put on a track suit and people immediately think you lost about 30 pounds more. That's how you beat the system. I'll never forget running into Huggy at a Cincinnati restaurant a few years back (think ribs/bbq, no free ads) and after the dinner he had someone go get him a bowl of ice cream. That's the happiest I've seen anyone really. So good for him to cut that weight and look like this.

But the fact stands. If he shows up to the first game of the season and gets a hair cut or shaves, West Virginia should be banned from making the NCAA Tournament.