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Oh My God. Whatever You Do Don't Show This Story To A Wisconsin Hoops Fan

[Source] - "That was my introduction to the legend of Tyler Herro," said Nigel Hayes, a Wisconsin star from 2013 to 2017. "Everyone was talking about this other kid. I'm watching the kids and I see Tyler. And I started telling people, 'I don't know who this white boy is, but he's something special. You might want to keep an eye on him.'"

"This is going to make some people mad. I was one of the ones who advised him not to go to Wisconsin with the talent he has," said Hayes, who finished his career third on the Badgers' all-time scoring list. "I told him the only people who are upset with him are the ones who are selfish. Only way he can thrive is not walking around thinking he's less than. He's a growing seed."

I still hate you Nigel Hayes, just hate you a lot less for this. Now if you come out and admit that it was a shot clock violation and Kentucky should have gotten the ball back up 2

But this just shows what I've been saying when it comes to Kentucky and Tyler Herro. The smartest thing he did was decommit from Wisconsin to go to Kentucky. Now you can't even argue with me, proving me even more right. Nigel Hayes is an all-time player at Wisconsin and he's the one who helped make it happen. He knew how stupid it would be to play in that swing offense with Brad Davison and Ethan Happ. Imagine how boring Herro would be if he went to Wisconsin? He'd still be there, probably with a buzz cut, and still not being able to run the offense because Greg Gard would have Brad Davison initiate it all. 

Could have had the homegrown kid if it wasn't for one of your own. Ouch. Then again, Wisconsin should be used to not winning consistently. They have so many titles and so much success it's hard to keep track. And I know they'll scream about 2015 like a mid-major holding on to that one win before realizing they couldn't get the job done against Duke. 

So thanks Nigel Hayes. Thanks for being smart and realizing what's best for Tyler Herro and any super talented kid. Don't go to Wisconsin.