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Reporter Covering The White House Goes Ballistic At A Menacing Raccoon On Set

There’s nothing more frustrating than doing a live spot and having a raccoon come and start rummaging in your area. That’s all raccoons do. Rummage. Their entire hairy lives are filled with innate desire to rummage without a care in the world.

Reporting on the presidency in a perilous time? Don’t matter. It’s rummage time, bitch.

Enjoying a leisurely vacation at a world-class resort? Don’t mind me. Just rummaging in the pool-side trash for the remanence of a turkey burger and some sweet potato fries.

This journalist handled as best as he could, but it could have been better. The truth of the matter is that throwing a large box at a raccoon is a bad idea. Your aim isn’t as strong and they are shifty which you’d expect from a lifetime rummager.

Winnie the Pooh voice: what to do what to 

Small rocks. An apple, pear, peach, or plum. A hotdog. Those are options. A box won’t get it done and now the proof is in this clip’s pudding.