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Troops Suffering: COVID Supply-Chain Troubles Lead To Hot Pocket Shortages On Military Bases

On military bases the chow halls are only open certain hours & in some locations delivery options are slim to none, so what you've got in your mini-barracks freezer can be a real life-saver.. Especially late on a boozy field day night (in-depth, mandatory room cleaning often eased with beer) or if you're working crazy hours (likely) and don't have time for anything else. Even back in my day (old lady emoji) the Hot Pocket was an essential item, so my heart goes out to any troops suffering right now....

From Stars & Stripes:

A snacking staple in many U.S. military barracks could be in short supply into next year as Hot Pockets fall victim to coronavirus supply chain issues.

Nestle, which makes the microwavable meat- and cheese-filled crusts that many Americans turned to during pandemic-related lockdowns, told the Army and Air Force Exchange Service and other retailers that it will have “severe inventory constraints” in its Hot Pockets product lines because of the global outbreak, AAFES spokeswoman Julie Mitchell said.

Limited quantities will be available, but will be strictly controlled, she said.

In 2015 Hot Pockets said I was their favorite person & in 2018 they photoshopped me holding a cartoon Hot Pocket, so I think I can speak on good authority when I say what a big deal this is. Enlisted troops (and young veterans) need their dinner & snacks, and they need them in 3 minutes or less. And preferably in a simple, hand-held manner.

I hope they can figure the supply issues out because no one serving our country should be left on hold without a serving of melty ham & cheese. 

And for the record, I may have used Dave in the thumbnail but it's sort of disingenuous since he gave Hot Pockets a brutal 1.7. But only because it's not technically pizza! Sort of. 

On today's episode of ZeroBlog30 we went over some alternatives for troops stuck without the molten microwave treat. Check us out, like & subscribe!