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Jeff Bezos Now Has A Doctor Octopus Suit Which Means His Plot To Take Over The World Is About To Begin!

Oh you thought the richest man on the planet was going to idly stand by as the people his company got through lock down by pumping out packages during a pandemic started putting shit like this outside his door?

Yeah right, yeahhhhh right [Said in the Drinking Out Of Cups voice]. Bezos has been patiently waiting for all of his technology to come together before making his big move. He already has eyes on our homes with Ring, ears in our homes with Alexa, knows everything we want/need with our Amazon order history, and likely has turned up the production of his robot dog army to U.S. steel in World War II levels.

The only thing left was Big Baller Bezos to have his own weaponized suit in case he ever had to take matters into his own hands, which he clearly now has along with an A++++++ supervillain laugh. I mean if you didn't know Jeff Bezos was an evil genius hellbent on taking over the globe, that laugh would tell you instantly.

I'm not sure how far along that clock being carved into a mountainside is ready to rock. But I imagine it's almost ready since it was never meant to be a clock but instead a superweapon like Lady Trier built in Watchmen, which is just the latest super rich + super smart comp to Bezos who has been the real life Lex Luthor right in front of our faces for years.

As someone whose mom was an Amazon customer dating back when it was just an online bookstore, I welcome our incoming overlord.