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Nothing To See Here, Just The Rays Announcers Openly Wishing Injury On Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton During Last Night's Game

It seems the bottom of the barrel class that resides within the Tampa Bay Rays organization does not stop at Kevin Cash. Last night the Rays announcers realized the Yankees of the regular season were not the same ones playing in San Diego. The lineup is cooking, the pitchers are dealing, and more importantly everyone is healthy. So what have they resorted to rooting for in hopes their beloved Rays stage a comeback? Injuries.

YIKES. I thought when I clicked on the audio it was going to be a gigantic stretch to the caption. Nope, not in the slightest. What a weird thing to say. The announcer Dave Wills took to Twitter to try and put out the fires and took an interesting route. Clarify you're not rooting for injuries, just for guys to re-aggravate the one's they had all season. 

I wonder if this dude is a man of faith as well. Maybe we'll find out tonight!

Trash team. Single A stadium. Awful coaches. Whiny players. Worse announcers. The Tampa Bay Rays everyone!

I assume most anti-Yankees fans will listen to this and say it's a stretch because it's in their DNA to never side with us. Well do me a favor and just imagine John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman said this in the booth about the Rays players. They'd never because they are the epitome of class and excellence, but imagine they did? They'd be destroyed and maybe fired. The Yankees double standard will never go away and you just have to accept that as a fan. I'm just glad the Rays organization is being exposed for the scum that they truly are. 

Fuck Kevin Cash. Let's go win Game 2.