Sand Tiger Sharks LOVE Eating Their Siblings In The Womb

I was reading Old Balls blog earlier this week on the prehistoric Megalodon embryos eating each other in the womb and it makes me excited that people are interested in this type of stuff, because it still happens every single day!  The Sand Tiger Shark, which swims off our Atlantic coast in large numbers, has cannibalistic embryos as well.  One look at these sharks and you might think they are ravenous eating machines that would tear you to shreds.

And while they certainly look the part, and have carnivorous embryos, they are actually not interested in humans at all!  I caught that giant Sand Tiger (tagged and released) off of a very popular beach on the Jersey Shore.  Hundreds of people swim in the exact spot we casted every single day and they are simply not interested.  Those giant snaggly teeth are designed to catch fish and hold on, so they don't slip away.  They are not built for tearing flesh from mammals like a Great White or Tiger is.  Such a unique looking creature though and the fact they go to war in the womb makes them even cooler.