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LET'S GO: Isaiah Thomas Is Finally 100% Healthy For The First Time Since 2016

Oh hell yes. The entire Isaiah hip situation was such a blow. Had the season of his life in 2016-17, was a top 5 MVP vote getter, put the Celts on his back and carried them to the ECF only to get hurt. Soon after he was traded for Kyrie and the Celts have been paying for that karma ever since. Not only that, but he clearly was never 100% healthy. Because of that, he struggled. He was a shell of his former self and bounced around from team to team to team. Missing out on that massive payday because of his injury had to be tough, and frankly maybe he should have had the surgery from the jump.

But now he's back healthy? Sign me up. Healthy Isaiah was so goddamn fun to watch and was a legit problem for defenses. That's not hyperbole either. Here's a little refresher for ya

you don't average 28.9 points a game by accident. Like I said, it's been pretty brutal since that season but that's because his hip was fucked up. I can think of plenty of teams in the league (cough cough Celts) that could use some veteran healthy Isaiah scoring off their bench. Yes, the defense is going to be an issue. He's going to be targeted in games that matter. But you can hide that if you have the right roster. I certainly hope he gets a chance somewhere if he's truly 100%.

I don't think people realize how much Isaiah helped jump start the Celts rebuild. They were DOGSHIT before Ainge pulled off that trade with PHX. Suddenly they were in the playoffs, then the next thing you knew the ECF. It sped everything up and he was a huge reason why the bridge from the rebuild to what we have now was so goddamn fun. He'll forever be a Celtics legend for what he did for this team and this city. He embraced Boston like few star players have. That's right I said star players, which is exactly what Isaiah was during his 2.5 years as a Celtic.

So sign me up for a healthy Isaiah in 2020-21. Whether it's coming off the Celts bench or with someone else, I just want to get back to seeing a healthy Isaiah on the court. The dude was a problem. Don't take my word for it, take it from someone who knows a thing or two about talent in the NBA