Jalen Ramsey And Golden Tate Started A Massive Brawl The Second The Giants-Rams Game Ended

For starters, this makes THIS hit that much funnier knowing they were itching to brawl.

I had no idea any about any of that backstory. But you really have to appreciate them putting their beef on hold to play a whole football game before letting the clock strike zero and instantly throwing hands at midfield. Like this is the closest thing you'll see to a modern duel. Fisticuffs at dusk, 50 yard line, as soon as we see triple zeroes it's on. Both men agreed and when the time came they delivered. This is also easily my least favorite moment of the COVID NFL season thus far. Any other year we have 20 videos of this entire fight from multiple angles start to finish. But NoOoOoO not in 2020. Can we catch a SINGLE break???