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"The Social Network" Trailer Is Better Than Most Movies

"The Social Network" turns 10 years old today. 

My god. What a movie. Just so damn good. I watched it again this morning after seeing that it was turning 10, and man it sucks you in every time. 

It's such a good story that it could stand on it's own without even being based on a true story so the fact that it is a true story about the biggest invention besides the iPhone just seals the deal for a grade-A film. 

Yeah I'll go there with this one. It's more than a movie. It's a damn film. 

But what's even crazier about it is the trailer may be...even better? It's certainly among the best trailers ever released, but there's a lot of good trailers. That's what they're meant to do - make you want to see the movie. 

Not very often does a trailer be this good and then the movie lives up to it. 

Never has there been a better fitting song in a movie trailer than this. They go hand-in-hand. I've probably watched it 8 times today. Brilliant.