Kyrie Continues To Be The Biggest Troll To Ever Play Sports With This Nets Don't Have A 'Head Coach' Bullshit

I refuse to sit here and do exactly what Kyrie wants everyone to do. He wants everyone to freak out and then he'll complain about how the media is against him. It's his move. That said, this is 100% proving that Kyrie is the biggest troll to ever play sports, even bigger than his own teammate who creates burner accounts and trolls people online. Kyrie lives for shit like this. He wants to get people in a frenzy and then call foul, which sucks because he's a hell of a player. But nope, he's gotta have this galaxy brain and always try to keep people on their toes. He's almost like KB where you question if it's a bit or real life and they really start to blur the lines. 

That said, I need the Nets to fully embrace this. I need them to post on a gameday and let Twitter decide substitution pattern or call plays. Why not? This is what Kyrie wants, so let's go ahead and give it to them. Plus, as long as they aren't playing the Sixers or Celtics I'm 100% cheering against them, so I want to see this fall apart. Especially because we'll know the EXACT moment Kyrie has had enough.

When shit is going good he's pulling his jersey out and pulling from 30 feet and making every shot while showing off his handle. When things are bad? He's walking into the locker room and asking what government means to the head coach. He pouts and then he comes out with quotes that just continue to prove he's the biggest troll of all time. Don't think this will be glossed over or anything. This is the nagging girlfriend that keeps asking you to go apple picking on a Saturday in the fall. Kyrie is setting the tone early in case he fucking hates Steve Nash, who is Durant's guy. If the Nets fail, you better believe we'll hear how Kyrie didn't want Nash and it was all Durant. 

So congrats to Kyrie, he got Twitter and the media all up in arms already. It's exactly what he wants to do and why he'll always be the greatest troll to ever play any sport.