The Baltimore Ravens And Washington Football Team Have Been On Very Similar Trajectories Since 1999


Basically the same exact franchise!!!! 

It's honestly impressive to have ZERO All-Pro selections since 1996. It's not that we haven't had good players, so you have to take it with sorta a grain of salt. You could make arguments for guys like Chris Samuels, Trent Williams, Clinton Portis, Sean Taylor, Ryan Kerrigan, Colt McCoy, and a handful of others who have had great seasons. But you know, the votes are the votes and they read Baltimore: 38, Washington: 0. 




Washington Football.

I'm almost 100% positive Chase Young would have been DPOY and 1st team All-Pro this very season if not for the Dan Snyder curse. It makes me sad just typing that sentence because we are already getting fucked out of seeing how good Chase Young could be, 3 games into his career. Nobody deserves that, but that's what happens when you get Dan Snyder's stink on you. 

So hey, Sunday should be fun, right? I'm pretty sure the Ravens are like 43 point favorites or something. I don't know what to expect. The defense is good enough, but Lamar is all-world and Haskins is still a work in progress. Would be a hellllll of a game for him to put it all together and go off...but I don't think anyone is expecting that. I just don't want to be embarrassed. Not another one of those 42-10 games. Lettuce pray.