The Heat Coaching Staff Started A Rival Coffee Shop In The Bubble Because Jimmy Butler Wants Too Much Money

I'm not going to lie, I'm becoming obsessed with the Heat. Everything about this team is so entertaining to me. Jimmy Butler on his 4th team after being called a guy who you really can't win with. Duncan Robinson going from a Division III player to starter in the NBA Finals. Tyler Herro's irrational confidence, Bam's development into an All-Star and Spo's resurgence as one of the best coaches ever. Along with that is Jimmy Butler doing Jimmy Butler things in the bubble. He created Big Face Coffee, where he charges $20 for every cup. It's a genius move. 

He even refused to let Bam be a co-owner and went ahead and trademarked everything for himself

And now we have the Heat coaching staff creating a rival coffee shop in the bubble: 

"My poor video coordinator, he can't afford that," Gilliam said of Butler's coffee, trying his best to suppress a grin. "He is up all hours of the night, breaking down all sorts of film. I am just trying to keep him going."

An added bonus: messing with the Heat's star player.

So without telling Butler, Gilliam started his own joint -- Little Face Coffee -- out of his hotel room.

Unlike Butler's establishment, Gilliam offers only black coffee that he makes with a pour-over apparatus and a French press he had brought to the bubble for himself. Each cup costs $5. The first one is free.

Gilliam even came up with his own tagline: "The Best Little Coffee Shop in the Bubble. It's All About the Grind."

What a move! I love it. Can't afford $20 coffee in the bubble, start making your own. Even poke fun at Jimmy with the 'It's All About The Grind' tagline. You know he'll take it personally and quite honestly I'm starting to chalk this up for the Heat's run. You get a pissed off Jimmy and he takes it out while running the top of that 2-3 zone Spo put in. I also wonder now how much of the Heat practice is just arguing about coffee. Jimmy might be a crazy person so you know he's probably running his mouth the entire time about Big Face vs Little Face Coffee. 

That said, this is one of my favorite lines ever: 

"You should start making doughnuts," Adebayo said to Butler after a recent game.

Butler was dubious, to say the least.

"How the f--- do you want me to make a doughnut, man?"

Jimmy just straight up appalled that Bam even suggested he learns how to make a donut. Personally I'd do whatever Bam wanted. He's the reason they beat the Celtics from a player standpoint. He had big game after big game. He took advantage of every mismatch on the floor. He knew where to go when rolling after the switch on the high ball screen. Oh, and he also did this: 

That man deserved any donut he wanted homemade by Jimmy Butler after that block.