Diego Sanchez Going For The Masvidal Knee In His Fight This Weekend Was Laugh Out Loud Funny

For the majority of Diego Sanchez's fight against Jake Matthews this weekend, I was basically watching with my hands over my eyes, just hoping the Ultimate Fighter 1 winner made it outta the octagon okay and under his own power. He's an absolute legend and everyone respects him as such, but watching him go at it with these younger guys is just straight up uncomfortable nowadays.

There was one moment of levity in the fight, however, when Diego Sanchez threw his hands behind his back at the start of the third and final round, waited for Matthews to make his way to the center of the octagon, and UNLEASHED a furious Masvidal Knee....

….attempt. He unleashed a furious Masvidal Knee attempt.

Hysterical. Ben Askren's response is even better, too….

Now here's the O.G. as a palate cleanser….

P.S. For any non-MMA fans reading this - yes, this is the same Diego Sanchez that Conor McGregor was talking about fighting this week. I don't know what's wrong with him. He'd kill Diego. All due respect to Diego.