Here Is Your Weekly Falcons Futility Record That Had Never Been Done Before

Last week, the Falcons became the first team in NFL history to lose a game in which they scored at least 39 points and did not commit a turnover — teams were previously 440-0 under such circumstances dating back to 1933, when turnovers became a statistic.

And if you thought they were going to go a full week without another historically awful performance, you were sorely mistaken. This week, the Falcons became the first team this century to blow multiple 15-point fourth quarter leads in a season. And just for good measure, they did it in consecutive weeks.

You really have to respect Atlanta's commitment to the bit at this point. One might suffering the most infamous blown lead in the history of your sport would force some people to make some changes, but that same head coach is still there, setting a new record for futility every week.

Everybody be sure to tune in next Monday night against Green Bay to see what the Falcons will do next!