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This Insane Stat Shows How Historically Awful the Falcons' Loss Against the Cowboys Was

Four hundred forty and zero.

That was the record of teams who scored 39 points in a game and did not commit a turnover since 1933, when people invented what a turnover even was. Literally since turnovers have existed, nobody had done what Dan Quinn's Falcons managed to do Sunday in their 40-39 loss to Dallas. And I'm sure if you looked at teams who scored 39 points and won the turnover battle by four or more, you'd find an equally insane stat somewhere.

I've said about all I care to say about Quinn and the Falcons, but when you see something like that, it just really brings into focus how comically awful they are. The Super Bowl broke this franchise. You just have to learn to laugh about it because if you let this team get to you, you're going to have a really shitty time every Sunday.

I'll keep putting on my jersey and watching the games, but they will never get back to what it looked like they could be in 2016. They got one shot, blew it and then proceeded to somehow become more of an embarrassment after the worst loss in the history of professional sports.

Just put Quinn out of his misery and get a head start on the next guy. When you are the only person to lose a game that 440 other coaches managed to win in the last 87 years, you can pack your shit.

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