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THIS LEAGUE: Now The Nuggets Have Submitted Their Own Video of Blown Calls To The League Office

Love it. Shit, Mike Malone told us they were going to do it 

and I love that they actually followed through. Granted it probably won't work the same way it did for LeBron because the Nuggets are not the Lakers and Jamal Murray isn't LeBron, but you can't knock the team for trying. Maybe it results in some quick fouls on Dwight or something to force the Lakers to play JaVale McGee who Jokic eats for lunch. 

I couldn't help but also notice that neither Scott Foster or Tony Brothers are working the ECF tonight, so something tells me we're getting at least one of them tomorrow which makes this even better. Let's see how cool Lakers fans are after this news comes out and they get boned by one or both of those officials. I'm sure they'll be fine with it. 

It should be noted that sending these types of videos is pretty common and everyone does it. But after it became public that the Lakers did it and then their 17 FTA and huge non calls in the fourth last night it's fair to wonder how much it played a role. Now we'll see how interested the league is in extending this series. I just love the pettiness of the Nuggets here. 

I will say, it will be hilarious if the NBA does nothing but laugh in the face of the Nuggets and the Lakers take 40 FTA tomorrow night. If we're being honest that's probably what is going to happen.