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Watch This Proposal Between Two McDonald's Employees and Try Telling Me Romance Is Dead

All these jaded millennials and Gen Z kids who have spent their entire early adulthood on terrible dating apps are always so quick to declare romance dead. Well I defy any of those people to say anything of the sort after watching this video.

It simply does not get any more romantic than agreeing to spend the rest of your life with someone while customers are blaring "Sicko Mode" at the counter as their fun way of ordering the Travis Scott meal. The rose petals on the floor are such a nice touch, too. This guy really pulled out all the stops.

I'm never one to pile on service industry employees because those people have it hard enough, but I will say that this McD's better be running on all cylinders. Because if I ordered a McFlurry and was told the ice cream machine is broken after I just watched an elaborate proposal take place, somebody owes me an explanation as to how the time is being spent around here.

And I aspire to the level of confidence one must have to propose in a McDonald's kitchen. There was not ever the slightest doubt in this guy's mind.

Congratulations to these two. Romance lives.