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THE OVERS CLUB: The Start To The NFL Season Has More Points Than Ever Before And It's Awesome

[PFT] - So far this season, NFL teams have scored a combined 1,611 points. That breaks the previous record of 1,556 points scored in the first two weeks of the 2012 NFL season.  NFL teams have also scored a combined 186 touchdowns this season. That breaks the previous record of 174 touchdowns scored in the first two weeks of the 2018 season.

Well this is something you absolutely love to see. I was actually wildly intrigued to see what happened before the season started and no preseason games. Would it benefit the offense or defense. A legit debate for sure. But now we know. The offense is going to score and score and score. And that's awesome. We love points, no need to lie. Sure every once in a while one of those 17-14 games are fine. But people want to see 38-35. 

It makes a bit of sense though too. Obviously the game is set up for scoring, there are more flags for DPI, etc. Oh not to mention the threats on offense now are fucking insane. Not even just the Chiefs, but Deshaun Watson (when O'Brien lets him cook), Lamar, Cam Newton, the Cowboys offense, Rodgers found it again, the Jags can't stop anyone and just keep scoring. All over the league there are so many damn threats offensively. 

Oh and more importantly, the overs club man: 

God bless points.