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Burger King Sponsored an English Soccer Club Nobody Had Ever Heard of Just to Get Their Logo in FIFA and Turned It Into the Most Popular Team in the Game

In one of the more brilliant 21st century marketing stunts you'll see, Burger King got a club in England's fourth tier soccer league to become a viral sensation and one of the most popular teams on FIFA 20.

BK sponsored Stevenage FC just to gets its logo in the game, even if on the jersey of a club nobody had ever heard of before. And to say the move paid off would be an understatement. Stevenage became the most used team in career mode on FIFA 20 and people shared more than 25,000 goals online of them playing with the club — not to mention the team sold out of jerseys for the first time ever.

Gamers played as Stevenage and tried to sign the best players in the world to turn the club into a powerhouse. And for every goal they shared online, Burger King gave them rewards. It was a win-win for everybody.

Every once in a while, the internet does something cool. This viral marketing campaign turned a no-name soccer team into a recognizable brand across the world, all thanks to some delicious burgers — you can find my thoughts on how criminally underrated BK is here.

Having only recently discovered just how damn fun FIFA is, I've been looking for a team to support to get into soccer more. Do we get Stevenage games in the States?