Taylor Swift Stans Are Trying to Get Burger King Canceled and I Am Fighting Back

Glenny Balls broke the news to me live on a Barstool Gametime stream today that #BurgerKingIsOverParty was trending on Twitter and that BK was getting canceled. I immediately voiced my opposition to this egregious overreach of cancel culture without even knowing why the BK Lounge was being besmirched. Come to find out, all they did was make a great joke about Taylor Swift and then her quasi-militia came after the supplier of delicious snacks in an effort to "cancel" the brand.

I simply won't stand idly by while the "Swifties" come for the most consistently underrated joint in this country. In every fast food discussion, BK is inexplicably slept on. Y'all are really missing out if you're choosing very many places over a nice flame-broiled burger and chicken fries. I even stand up for the french fries at the King. When done right, they are right up there with the best of them.

Also, the tweet was a great joke. Do any of these Taylor Swift stans not have any sense of humor? This actually made me far more fond of Burger King. Wendy's gets all the shine as the social media fast food giant, but BK is willing to throw haymakers with the best of them.

If nobody else will lead the charge for BK, then I'll be on the front lines. As long as Burger King is handing out eight nuggets for a dollar, I will fight back against the Swifties and reclaim the BK Lounge.