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The Steelers Mural On This House Is A Thing Of Beauty

Remember that Bills fan who painted the side of their house blue with the Bills logo? 

This dude just topped that and THEN some. Wow. It's incredible. 

One thing I noticed is it's all this era of Steelers - Super Bowl 40 and 43. Joey Porter, Antwaan Randle El throwing the bomb to Hines Ward in Detroit, long-hair-double-glove Big Ben, Santonio Holmes in the corner of the endzone, even Aaron Smith makes it in the bottom left corner. 

It looks beautiful, but...what about the original dynasty? Maybe it's on the other side of the house? The tweet said he's two weeks from finishing so maybe he's working backwards in terms of timeline?

I need the front four of the Steel Curtain to be plastered across the garage. Not entering here. Jack Lambert's infamous toothless photo painted across the doorway and when you swing it open it's the gap in his teeth. 

Check back in two weeks.