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What Happens When Your Neighbor Hangs A Jets Flag? You Simply Paint Your Entire House In Bills Colors And Bury Him In The Dirt

Pete Carroll's dad here had no time to be fucking around. He knew that an act of war had been waged and didn't want his neighbor to think that he had any shot. It's a slipper slope. You let the neighbor move in and hang a Jets flag and all of a sudden your kids are calling him dad and he's getting the big piece of chicken. Michael Mansfield took swift action to make sure his neighborhood would remain unsullied by those enemy colors and quickly took action. Eric Jensen thought he could just strut in and drop his nuts on Mansfield's table and learned the hard way who the real big dog on the block was. Nice flag, pussy, you see my ENTIRE FUCKING HOUSE??? Listen to the rattle in Jensen's voice as he tries to shield his eyes from this gorgeous royal blue abode. He's keeping up appearances, trying to put on a brave face for Jets fans far and wide but he knows in his soul this war is over. 

"We're still gonna go back-and-forth." HOW. How are you gonna go back-and-forth with a man who saw you hang a flag and countered by turning his entire home into a flag? You're dead. You're a walking corpse in the great Mansfield-Jensen War of Rochester, New York. The entire town is dancing on your grave beeping left and right at all hours of the day. Each and every one of those beeps is another dagger to the back and Jensen knows that. Short of buying a 747 and parking it in your backyard on top of a dead buffalo carcass I don't know what Jensen could even do to get the momentum back in his favor here. He's been bested and the sooner he accepts that and moves to the other side of the planet where they've never even heard of the Buffalo Bills the better off he'll be.

PS - Everything you need to know about why Bills fans get so much love on this website can be summed up by the last six seconds of this video. "When will this end? When will your house revert to a normal house and not look like a 10-year old's bedroom? When will the entire town stop treating this like a religious temple?" Listen to the laugh Mansfield lets out when he says, "When the Bills win the Super Bowl." I've never heard a more depressed laugh in all of my life. That's a man who would literally explode if he saw the Bills hoist a Lombardi. But he's not in it for the confetti. He doesn't need all of that to validate his fandom. It's not even a fandom, it's life how it's meant to be lived in their eyes.