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Do You Like Tripping Balls On Psychedelics? Good News, Canada Now Has Religious Exemptions For Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Psychedelic enthusiasts are being awarded federal tax exemptions on the basis of religious freedom in Canada.

A “church” in Winnipeg, Manitoba — the Centre for Universal Illumination Luz Divina — is the latest to be granted such status in a trend of new-age organizations that use hallucinatory daime tea, also known as ayahuasca, for the purpose of spiritual ceremony, according to Vice News.

Health Canada, the country’s health ministry, has granted at least six exemptions for groups in Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg since 2017 — after a decade of effort by the churches — and will allow them to import and consume the illicit substance without recourse, reported Vice.

Brewed for centuries in South America, the drink is made from plants containing the psychoactive ingredients harmaline and dimethyltryptamine, better known as DMT. For most, it can induce hallucinations and vomiting which last for several hours — an experience many consider transcendent.

Canada out there doing EVERYTHING they can to increase their population. They have a stated goal to more than double their population from the nearly 40 million it has now to 100 million in 2100. 

When America was going through their own population boom roughly 140 years ago we had the poem "New Colossus" put on the Statue of Liberty with the famous line "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free!". Canada's marketing ploy is a little better. 

"Come to Canada where the people are nice, the country isn't literally on fire, and you can do all the drugs you want in the name of God". It's honestly not a bad pitch. People keep saying that Chicago will be like Arizona in terms of climate in like 60 years. As a guy who sweats a ton that isn't good for me. I need Fall. I'll need to move north to a land where as soon as you cross the border they had you a flannel shirt to wear and apparently tea laced with DMT so you can trip your fucking balls off. 

It's a pretty good pitch. I have never done psychedelics but I am interested. Supposedly if you do mushrooms once it moves you one standard deviation towards trait openness(all your creativity and shit) PERMANENTLY. That is insane. That is something I could use in my life and that is not even nearly as powerful as DMT/ayahuasca. No telling what it will do to you, but in Canada you're allowed to do it so you can talk to God. Another thing I am very interested in. I have some gripes I'd like to raise with him. 

People have been getting fucked up since we left the trees in Africa and became humans. Boozing your face off and taking foreign substances is part of the human experience. Canada seems like they're trying to cash in on that and bring 50 million people who love drugs over their border. I am sure after the election they'll have many more people signing up.