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Johnny Walker Puts Yet Another Victim To Sleep In A WILD Brawl

Johnny Walker vs Ryan Spann wasn't here for a long time, but GOD DAMMIT it was here for a good time!!!

This slobberknocker was just about as 'Johnny Walker' a fight as they come, where limbs were just flying every which way until somebody hit the mat and went to sleep. For a while, it looked like Walker was in trouble, and possibly even on the verge of being finished with Spann in full mount, but he rebounded quickly and put an end to things with some BRUUUUUTAL hellbows and hammerfists, Travis Browne style!

Johnny made sure not to get too crazy with the celebration tonight, either, considering he tore his god damn shoulder doing the worm in the past.

Oh, and Walker is also now under the tutelage of Coach John Kavanagh, so I wanted to just give a quick shoutout to the SBG Ireland head coach! Big win for Ireland tonight!