Ottawa Is All Horned Up About The Sens Off-season

A starting goalie locked up for four years. Draft graded an "A". Young studs like Tkachuk and Chabot in place. A coach the guys go balls-out for. How does staid and boring Ottawa react to a seemingly/possibly bright future for the Sens? Apparently by fucking.

Get some, you crazy Capital City kids. Cause enough of these…

And maybe we'll see these again…

Why do Canadians call it "the sex" but call hockey's post-season "playoffs"? Silly hosers.

P.S. Condoms? Has a kid even worn a condom in the last 15 years?

P.S. Part Deux. Speaking of eating Beaver Tails, remember dental dams? LOL. "Sure hon, I'll go down on you let me just wrap your pussy in Saran Wrap first." What a time.