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The Anti-Maskers Are Now Jumping on Counters and Threatening to Stab KFC Employees If They Don't Get Mashed Potatoes

Of all the "insane woman refuses to wear mask and berates helpless employees" videos I've seen over the last few months, this one is unequivocally the craziest. After being refused service at a KFC for not wearing a mask, this woman decided the appropriate response was to jump on the counter and begin going on a tirade to let the staff know just how "fucking hungry" she was.

These videos generally consist of a Karen with a creepy, but non-threatening demeanor telling people to educate themselves about how masks won't do anything and that this is America and all that. This woman, however, had me on edge the entire time wondering if she was going to hop over the counter and take on the entire KFC staff with her bare hands.

My favorite part is definitely when, after a while of ranting and screaming, an employee explains to her that he can't give her any food or he'll be fired. The woman replies, "You don't even work here," to the guy standing there in a KFC uniform, as if he'd be spending his time in a KFC kitchen for free and the other employees would be so oblivious as to let a stranger work there for a day.

But in the end, the anti-mask Karen lost out, kicking over a sign at the cash register before storming out with no Original Recipe or mashed potatoes. Score one for the Colonel.