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Sunday Update: Tyron Smith is OUT and Dak and the Cowboys Are Officially FUCKED


Good morning Cowboy haters... today is a special day for you. If you hate Dak Prescott and want to see him on his back for an entire game, today is your lucky day. After much speculation, and insiders like Leroy telling me that 77 was suiting up today, it appears that LT Tyron Smith has been ruled officially OUT. 

Do you remember what happened the last time that La'el Collins and Tyron Smith were out against the Falcons? 

Chaz Green was DESTROYED all day long and our fearless QB might as well have been called Sacked Prescott. FUCK FUCK FUCK.

So, if you were wondering, it's 2017 all over again which means terrible terrible things against this Falcons team. They can't defend, but if there is no one there blocking, Dak's going to have to get the ball out lightning fast.

That potentially bodes well for rookie CeeDee Lamb, fingers crossed. 

Speaking of CeeDee, after some requests, we have a new shirt out. It's LIVE now!!! Originally wanted it out last week, but thought gameday might be better. LINK


Falcons Cowboys… a must WIN for Dallas. I’m feeling slightly better about this game than I did about the Rams game, which I correctly predicted we would lose, but I’m still nervous. To be fair, I’m always nervous. Expectations are slowly returning back to earth but there are still a boatload of people who think last Sunday night’s game was an anomaly. No, in fact, this team became even more thin with the injuries of Blake Jarwin and Leighton Vander Esch. 

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Soo, let’s talk about these concerns. 

It’s obvious that the way to stop the pass rush from Everson Griffin and D Law is to go uptempo, so I expect Dirk Koetter and Dan Quinn to use the blueprint put in place by McVay, especially given how suspect our secondary is at the moment. Given that, I can see Julio and Calvin Ridley being PROBLEM. Julio Jones’ 157 receiving yards last week were the most in the NFL. The Cowboys defense gave up the fourth-most yards after the catch last week with 195. All of that to say, if this team couldn’t contain or tackle Robert Woods after the catch, what do you think these Falcon monsters are going to do? GO WILD. 

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I’m also terrified of Matt Ryan throwing to Gurley in the backfield like McVay used Malcolm Brown. It’s obvious that Travon Diggs is still green and Gurley (despite his injury history) is a better pass catcher and overall talent than Brown is. In my pessimistic mind’s eye, I see Gurley catching screens and balls in the slot ALL DAY and breaking some open for BIG PLAYS. 

As usual, field goal kicking is an ISSUE. If a legend like Greg Zuerlein is missing FGs that used to be automatic, that’s really not a good sign. I imagine this may come into play Sunday afternoon as well.  

I’m now actually more globally concerned about conservative play calling by Kellen Moore and Mike McCarthy. This game should be BIG offense for the Cowboys. They need to go hurry up, (please go uptempo please) play fast and if they can (BIG IF) make blocks, Dallas SHOULD be able to air it out. That is, if Matt Ryan and Co. will ever let the Dallas offense have the ball. Looks like Tyron Smith and Amari Cooper will in fact play after missing a couple of days of practice this week which should be an important piece in the passing attack. 

Prediction: 31-27 Cowboys (so yeah they don’t cover) 

It’s not all bad news in the gambling department. Here are some fun prop bets to think about: 

Total Successful FGs u3.5 (-115)

Total Turnovers 2-3 (+105)

Cowboys Total Touchdowns +3.5 (+115)

I’ll be on IG Live for the 2 Minute Warning @Trysta_Krick, and since I’m a cheap-ass using streaming services you’ll probably be a good 10-15 seconds in front of me. Tune in to watch me suffer or celebrate loudly.