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Face-Covering Helmets: Helm Yes or Helm No?

I gotta be honest; I’m not sure if this helmet is real and I REFUSE to do any research. I see something. I write about it. That’s my method now and it will be forever. That’s the beauty of this job. I can say something like: 

This helmet will absolutely cure coronavirus in America but it will also prevent pinkeye.


I’m being told that this helmet has huge vents in the side that suck up your own wind in order to prevent fogging, Molly. Fogging is the biggest detractor from wearing masks for people like me (glasses haver). The shaving cream doesn’t work. The spitting doesn’t work. Some asshole told me to spread butter on my glasses and that didn’t even come close to working. Now I just have fucking butter glasses like some sort of Amish stay-at-Home mom who churns butter all day and tries to push her glasses up her face to better see what her children are up to while there’s no power or internet in their house.

See? Because I can’t. 

Anyway, I ordered 3 of the clear mask helmets. I’ll let you know how it goes.