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Oh, You Thought Just Because There's 6,000 People In The Stadium That Browns Fans Wouldn't Be Brawling In The Stands?

We keep mentioning these shots of normalcy that we need. Well, friends, here we go again and this might be the biggest one yet. There's only 6,000 people in the stands and we're getting a damn brawl in the stands. The Browns are even winning! They don't even look bad (outside a few goal to go situations). But we're talking about Cleveland, they are born to fight in the stands there. They probably don't know what to do with this 35 point outbreak and running it down the Bengals' throats to close the game out. Need to know where this guy is in the fight - he's gotta be in the 6,000 somewhere: 

PS: A+ job by this guy in the Chubb jersey. Didn't spill a drop. Get him on the hands team