Liverpool Has Done It! They've Signed Thiago!

Liverpool, the reigning Premier League champions, got some shit at the start of the season because they hadn't made a big signing to defend their trophy. There were even some Liverpool fans in my mentions that wanted the ownership, Fenway Sports Group, out. Again, we're talking about a team that won the Premier League like yesterday and the Champions League last year, yet people were still upset at the lack of a massive signing. 

Enter Thiago:

Ho hum. Just one of the best midfielders in the world is going to be making passes to the likes of Salah, Bobby, and Mane. The right side of the field is now Virgil then Thiago then the Egyptian King. Is that good enough for everyone?

Oh and did I mention Michael Edwards, the Don Sweeney of the EPL as I call him, got him for cheap? I'm talking the same price we sold Dom Solanke for. Just a casual Solanke for Thiago swap. Pretty solid. So solid, in fact, that some folks across the pond are calling for Edwards to either be arrested or knighted. 

Kings stay kings.

Also, this video of Thiago training with Spain is nuts. Casually kicking 40 yard bombs back and forth without letting the ball touch the ground.