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What's The Only Thing Better Than Watching Bartolo Colon Hitting Bombs In A Rec League Game? Watching Bartolo Hitting Bombs In A Rec League Game With Gary Cohen Making The Call

Big T blogged this video of Big Sexy going Big Fly the other day and as someone who counts Bartolo Colon's time in New York as some of my fondest memories as a Mets fan, it brought a smile to my face.

Then I saw this video of Tolo crushing yet another dinger and it made me tear up while wondering if maybe Bart was placed in the wrong spot of the diamond, Cy Young Award and 247 wins be damned.

However, hearing Gary Cohen on the call of that bomb that may or may not have been assisted by the ball sounding like its rubber and a field that makes Yankee Stadium look like an actual Big League park, made my soul smile.

There is nothing more beautiful than baseball greatness on the mic announcing baseball greatness on the field. And in case that wasn't enough, everyone on said field did their part to honor the living legend.

We had the 2nd Baseman giving a high 5 to Tolo despite Big Sexy dropping his nuts on the purple team's pitcher.

The entire dugout coming out to dap the Round Mound Of Pound Town.

Followed by Tolo not even stepping on home plate but the runs counting anyway. You know why? It was outta #RE40PECT. 

Shout out to the legend making dreams come true and maybe a few new families along the way. Hopefully Uncle Stevie dedicates a wing of Citi Field 2.0 to the greatest home run in the history of baseball.