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Bartolo Colón Is Still Hitting Dingers in Men's League Games

Years after objectively one of the five best home runs in the history of Major League Baseball, Bartolo Colón is still out there somewhere smacking dingers for the Hijos & Amigos Del Tunel men's league team.

At 47 years old, the man still has it. I don't know what his arm is looking like these days, but in this fake 60-game season, the Tigers or Diamondbacks needs to bring him in to be the DH for a series at the end of the year. Can you imagine the ratings if we could get one more shot at a Bartolo home run?

Hell, you can't tell me that Colón couldn't get a few starts over Robby Erlin or Tommy Milone for the first-place Atlanta Braves right now. He looks like he's doing great.

Anyway, there will never be a moment in baseball filled with more pure joy than Bartolo's one career home run. It was everything that is right about sports and the world. I'm glad he's still out there somewhere launching balls over the fence.